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Further training and service offers

The Center of Learning and Teaching in higher Education has a wide range of offers in connection with digital resources, which are carried out in cooperation with the IT service centre depending on the content requirements. 

Further education

  • Seminars (example topics: instructional videos, Panopto, PowerPoint, Clicker, Inverted Classroom, Blogs, Wikis, etc.). Seminar bookings via www.profilehreplus.de

Individual support 

Information and learning materials online

We have set up a course that provides further information on the use of digital resources. Visit https://elearning-extern.uni-bayreuth.de and select the course "Digital Resources for Teaching-Learning Processes". You will also have access to a wide range of materials on other teaching topics. Log in with your bt-or-s identification. Further offers  can be find online.

Input and Ideas Workshop

The Input and Ideas Workshop is a joint event of the Center of Learning and Teaching in higher Education and the IT Service Center. The workshop is used to informally discuss digital teaching-learning projects so that interested teachers can obtain information without obligation.

Aim of the event

This series of events provides you with useful concepts, supports you in implementing your ideas and enables the exchange of experiences. Competent contact persons are available to you on the relevant topics for the use of digital resources in teaching.

Procedure of the event

We start with a short information about current or interesting topics. Afterwards there will be time for discussions in which you can talk about your ideas for application. Together we try to find solutions for these cases. Each event can be attended individually without prior registration


  • The current flyer for the event.
  • On the e-learning server of the University of Bayreuth there is a course on the topic with further information. 
  • You can find your contact person for the topic of digital resources here

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