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You visit the Center for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education of the University of Bayreuth.

The FBZHL is the center for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education of the University of Bayreuth. We offer didactic services for all lecturers.

Certificate Programme for "Interculturally competent teaching"

Teaching and learning cultures can be very different in an international context. With the certificate "Interculturally Competent Teaching", we would like to support all UBT teachers in taking an analytical look at teaching and learning situations with international students and optimising them for all involved.

Seminars for your personal development

Our extensive seminar programme for the summer semester contains many exciting, interesting and varied courses! Read our flyers or find our seminars on the Bavarian seminar booking platform for university didactic seminars www.profilehreplus.de/en -> Seminars
We offer several courses in English!
Here you can find our current flyer (in German)

Individual services

In addition to an extensive seminar program, you can also take advantage of individual service offers. With these formats we support the further development of the teaching quality of the University of Bayreuth. We also offer support in the use of "digital teaching-learning resources".

Our self-conception

We see ourselves as an institution that takes care of all teaching topics at the University of Bayreuth. Our goal is to support you as a lecturer in optimizing your teaching in terms of the learning outcomes of the students. The focus is on enabling students to learn and acquire knowledge through your teaching. We provide different types of information. You can choose instruments, techniques and methods, but also scientific articles and concepts that suit you and your teaching. We are happy to advise and support you and are available for questions and exchange – with the goal of supporting students with their studies. 

Entry into online teaching:

You will certainly ask yourself how to design your teaching as an online event. With this in mind, we have identified five standard scenarios and have compiled both explanatory videos and comprehensive accompanying materials (registration key "fbzhl"; videos are available in German and English!).

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: PD Dr. Frank Meyer

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