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Retraining in Bayreuth

The Center for teaching and learning in higher education of Bayreuth University (FBZHL) is organizing a re-training in the framework of the UTTERLY-project. The focus is on enabling students to learn and acquire knowledge through your teaching and running a center of teaching excellence. We will advise and support you and are available for questions and exchange. But most of all, we are looking forward to having you in Bayreuth.

General structure

Digital onboardingSelf learningTraining in BayreuthFollow up
20. October 16:00-17:30 (UA)October/November (3h)22.-26. November (core programme)December (80min)

Getting to know each other

Organisational aspects

Materials and test on teaching and learning

Expert talks


peer consultation

synchronous, onlineasynchronous, onlinein presencesynchronous, online


Learning Outcomes


Participants have a general overview and understanding on the 

  • organization of lecturer qualification programs on the example of ProfiLehrePlus (Bavarian Network for University Didactics)
  • fields of competencies in trainings for teaching excellence
  • evaluation & quality assurance of teaching excellence programs
  • marketing amongst teachers in higher education institutions

… in order to be able to run an own Center of Teaching Excellence


Participants know and have an understanding of how to implement instruments of support of teaching excellence

  • e-tutors
  • awards
  • discussions groups, etc.

Participants refresh their knowledge on current trends in teaching excellence

  • student-centered teaching
  • constructive alignment
  • kinds of teaching, support of learning and being a students’ consultant with digital instruments
  • blended learning/ flipped classroom/ peer instruction
  • Supporting students in active engagement with material

Partipants learn more about interesting projects with connections to (digital) learning at HEIs

  • MOOC (as an example of OER-teaching without personal interaction)
  • DABALUGA (Data based learning assistant)
  • QUADIS (Improving digitally supported learning at Bavarian universities)
  • Dual Education
  • Peer-consultation with other participants from Ukraine and European Union
  • Possibility for individual consultations with our experts (on demand)


You will receive a registration form via email as well as a link to our chat group for Q&A. Each partner university is entitled to register two participants for the retraining. Active participation and presence is expected at all times of the retraining. We would be delighted to welcome staff, who will be in charge of the future centers of teaching and learning or own an active position in the field of developing teacher's competences at your university. You are encouraged to register young researchers for the retraining.

COVID-19 restrictions

For entering Germany

At the moment, you need to be tested or vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 to enter Germany. All travelers need to register at einreiseanmeldung.de before their departure from Ukraine. Unvaccinated travelers will need to prove that their trip is not touristic (invitations provided by Bayreuth University) and an electronic registration. Unvaccinated travelers can stay in Germany for business up to five days without mandatory self-isolation. There is no self-isolation for vaccinated travelers and those, who have recovered from Covid-19 during the last 6 months  For the latest information, please check the website of the German Federal Foreign Ministry (Auswärtiges Amt).

As usual, you need a biometric Ukrainian passport for entering the European Union and Germany. A travel health insurance is highly recommended. The University of Bayreuth is not to allowed to make a health insurance for you.

During the retraining in Bayreuth

University management decided that the winter semester would be offline for all teaching events except extensive lectures. Rooms can be used to 50% capacity. However, to enter university (lecture halls, library, canteen), you need to be either vaccinated, have recovered from Covid-19 during the last six months, or have been tested in the previous 24h (can be a self-test at university). The same rule is valid for staying in hotels, eating at restaurants, etc.

Mouth and nose must be covered at university, aboard any public transport, in stores and busy outdoor places, where the minimum distance to others cannot be kept at all times with a medical facemask or respirator.

Travelling and accommodation

We all know, that during times of COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions can change quickly. Therefore, please use flexible booking options to be able to react to possible changes. 

By plane

The nearest international airport is Nuremberg (NUE). It takes about 1h 30min by train to Bayreuth. Munich's (MUC) and Frankfurt's (FRA) international airports are further away (3-4h). Low-cost carriers fly to Ukraine also from Berlin (BER) and Memmingen (FMM).

Recommendation from central Ukraine: Wizzair is offering a direct flight on Sundays between Kyiv-Zhulyany (IEV) and Nuremberg (NUE).

Recommendation from western Ukraine: Wizzair is offering a direct flight on Saturdays to Berlin and on Sundays to Memmingen, which are about 5h away from Bayreuth. Legacy carriers are offering connections to Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt (Austrian, LOT, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines).

By bus

Several long-distances bus companies offer direct connections from Ukraine to Bayreuth. You can use busfor.ua in order to search connection. Bayreuth is spelled Байройт is Cyrillic letters.

By train

After UZ renewed their connections to Poland and Hungary it is possible to travel from Ukraine to Bayreuth by train. Please mind that this cross-border connections between Germany and Poland are still reduced. If you want to go by train to Bayreuth, use bahn.de and search for Bayreuth Hbf.

By car

The address of the venue is Nürnbergerstr. 38, 95447 Bayreuth. Bayreuth is conveniently located near the motorway A9. Coming from Ukraine you will usually follow the A4 all the way through Poland and then use A72 near Chemnitz and then A9 near Hof (direction: München).


We reserved a contingent of rooms at Apart Hotel First Boarding, which is only 150m away from our venue. The city center can be reached by foot in 15min. A bakery, supermarket (Lidl) and drugstore. You will get information on booking this hotel during the registration.

In case you want to search for accommodation by yourself you can use the usual booking plattforms like Booking.com, AirBnB, etc.

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