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Specialisation Level

The objectives: Transfer and Reflection

Each semester, the Centers for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (FBZHL) at the universities of Bamberg, Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg offer lecturers at their universities the opportunity to obtain a certificate for 200 work units. This advanced level complements the basic and advanced level with an additional 80 work units.

In this two-semester advanced level you will achieve the following:

  • You improve your previous didactic training
  • You expand your didactic knowledge and skills
  • You reflect on your own teaching activities
  • You work specifically on the transfer into practice
  • You fulfil the national and international standards for a good didactic qualification in higher education
  • You add a teaching portfolio and teaching project to your application documents as proof of your teaching qualifications

For the advanced level, the FBZHL of the University of Bayreuth cooperates with the FBZHL of the universities of Bamberg and Erlangen-Nuremberg.


The programme consists of the following elements:

Components of the advanced levelType of eventWork Units
I. Introductory seminar: Introduction, basics teaching project    Presence seminar8 AE
II. Teaching projectSelf-study16 AE
III. Teaching support: Collegial internship    Working in teams of 2 or 314 AE
IV. Teaching support: CoachingIndividual consultation through didactic Coaches6 AE
V. Introduction Teaching PortfolioPresence seminar8 AE
VI. Creating a Teaching PortfolioSelf-study20 AE
VII. Seminar: Reflecting intermediate results together and writing workshop Teaching PortfolioPresence seminar8 AE
Total  80 AE

Further Information

Please refer to the accordion elements for more details on the individual components of the advanced level:


I. In the introductory seminar, elements for the professional design of teaching are repeated and the current state of development is made visible. The seminar helps to organize the various components of the advanced level and to form teams for collegial observation. In addition, each participant will develop a draft concept for the teaching project.

II. In the teaching project you will develop an innovative teaching concept that will enrich your teaching and provide an impulse for future teaching projects. At the end of the project you will write a report on the project. This project can be included in the teaching portfolio.

III. In the context of the collegial internship the participants visit each other in their courses. They give each other feedback and work on the implementation of concrete goals such as the use of media or methods. An obligatory part of the collegial internship is the preparation of a reflection report of a maximum of two pages about the internship process.

IV. You have the opportunity to take advantage of Coaching or teaching advice for three hours as part of the advanced level. The coaching is carried out by experienced coaches or employees of the FBZHL. The coaching may include an observation by the coach or an employee of the FBZHL.

V.-VI. Within the framework of the teaching portfolio – usually a text of 7 to 10 pages – you can reflect and document your own teaching activities. You have the opportunity to present your personal teaching profile for applications. In the course of the two semesters you will create the most important building blocks for your individual portfolio with professional guidance.

VII. In the presence seminar "Reflecting on intermediate results together", participants have the opportunity to present the status of the teaching project or to get feedback and suggestions for their work. Here, current questions about the level of specialization and its components, which have arisen in the course of the work, can also be clarified. In addition, there will be a half-day writing workshop on the teaching portfolio with competent supervision on this day.

Dates and eventsEinklappen

You will find the current dates in the respective course "Advanced Level", which we publish on  www.profilehreplus.de/seminare. Link with keyword "Advanced Level".

​Registration and access requirementsEinklappen

Participants of the University of Bayreuth can register for the seminars of the advanced level via the course "Vertiefungsstufe" on www.profilehreplus.de/seminare.

DThe contingent of participation places per location is limited. Participation depends on the date of registration and the fulfilment of the access requirements.

Contact personsEinklappen

The overall coordination of the run is done by the following persons in rotation:

Participation feesEinklappen

The participation in the program costs:

  • For participants with a full-time job (75%-100% Working time), 180 Euro
  • For participants with a part-time job (up to 74,9% Working time), 100 Euro

The participation fee must be received in full by the date specified in the course on the account of FBZHL. You will receive the account details with the confirmation of your registration shortly after the end of the registration period.

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