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Registration and cancellation for seminars

The seminar program is open to all lecturers at the University of Bayreuth, but lecturers at other Bavarian universities can also participate in our courses. Lecturers from other universities should first contact the FBZHL.


The University of Bayreuth's didactic seminars are predominantly standardized. This means that the general interdisciplinary seminars are offered every semester and you will be informed about them by flyer and e-mail. The registration and participation procedure for all seminars is structured in this way:

  • They announce themselves over www.profilehreplus.de automatically. A one-time registration is necessary. Please use the service e-mail address. Please consider our conditions of participation.
  • Some seminars require a participation fee. Please transfer it in time. You will find all information in the e-mail that was sent to you shortly after your registration. 
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your participation fee by e-mail, which you can use as a receipt. 
  • You take part in the seminar.
  • By participating, you collect work units (AE), which you can recognize after successful completion of the participation on the seminar booking platform ProfiLehrePlus.de under "My ProfiLehrePlus" -> "Visited seminars". 
  • If you have attended enough seminars, you can apply for a didactic certificate.


If something comes up, you can cancel your registration free of charge on the seminar booking platform up to 14 days before the event. Please consider our conditions of participation.

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