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The Mini Video Studio of FBZHL

Videos are a relevant medium for the transport of information and they offer several advantages: available at any time, flexibly applicable, permanently usable. If recorded in a sophisticated way, they are stimulating for students and a welcome learning opportunity. However, the time and effort required to create them is not inconsiderable, and this is where the Center of Learning and Teaching in higher Educations Mini Video Studio comes into play: With this studio, we offer you the opportunity to concentrate on the didactic conception and presentation of the information; we supply the technology!

Welcome video

We welcome you to our newly equipped studio in this video!

Easy recording:

Our goal is to make recording as easy as possible for you. Exposure, camera settings and the setup in the room are standardized. This makes it possible for you to record yourself without any great technical effort.

You can film yourself as a portrait in front of a green screen. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to design the background. Thanks to our equipment, this is possible without any complications. You can also record your PowerPoint slides or your screen. The video data is transferred to the Panopto video server of the University of Bayreuth. Video editing is then possible on your office computer in a browser. You can cut out simple slip-ups quickly and easily. You do not need any further software or licences.

More extensive projects are of course also possible, but require more background knowledge. If you are interested, please get in touch with us directly.

Here you can watch a first example video of the FBZHL which was recorded in March 2020 with the Mini Video Studio with green screen. There are only a few technical details to be optimized so that all teachers of the University of Bayreuth can use the studio for teaching purposes.

How can you use the studio? The booking procedure:

  • The studio is ready for use.
  • Due to the Corona situation the following shooting days are possible: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. You must use the studio alone.
  • The video studio is located in a small room next to our offices in house 4, room 4.2.08.
  • Please contact us directly via the mail address paul.doelle@uni-bayreuth.de.
  • An introduction to the studio is necessary. You will receive the introduction through a video. You can also register for a seminar on the topic. You can find the introductory seminars under the keyword "Mini-Film" on profilehreplus.de/seminare.
  • You will receive a transponder for the seminar room and can use the studio independently on an agreed day. Evenings and weekends are also theoretically possible. The studio has been designed so that you can make video recordings on your own and independently.
  • After you have finished your recordings, you simply return the transponder to us.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Paul Dölle

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