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Promoting Teaching-Learning Processes with Digital Resources

The Centre for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Bayreuth (short: FBZHL) has developed a concept for "promoting teaching-learning processes with digital resources". The concept aims to ensure that digital resources are used in a didactically meaningful way in teaching. To initiate this development, the FBZHL has developed various tools, which are listed here.


The FBZHL supports all members of the University of Bayreuth in integrating digital resources for teaching and learning into their own lessons. This refers on the one hand to the use of technologies as a tool to support students' learning activities, and on the other hand to methods and procedures that integrate the technologies into teaching in a didactically valuable and useful way.


These persons are at your disposal for the implementation of projects with digital resources. 

Digital resources 

If you are interested in learning more about "digital resources", You' ll find a free course on the e-learning extern platform. Here you can find the theoretical embedding as well as various explanations and examples.

Central Components of the Concept

Certificate Program and Certificate

The new certificate program "Promoting teaching-learning processes with digital resources" of the University of Bayreuth is a training program that is unique with its objectives and design in Germany. During the curriculum, the teachers develop, carry out and evaluate an individual teaching project with digital resources in a didactically useful way. Furthermore they expand skills in the use of digital teaching-learning formats, methods and technologies. After the successful completion, the participants receive the "Certificate Promoting Teaching-Learning Processes with Digital Resources of the University of Bayreuth".

University Award

With the new "Bayreuth University Award for digitally supported teaching", the university would like to honour teachers with a special commitment to teaching-learning processes with digital resources. For the selection of an award winner, we are looking for teaching-learning scenarios in which digital resources are used to support student learning processes in a didactically well-founded way. The prize is endowed with 1000 Euro.

E-Tutors supporting the Use of Digital Resources in Academic Teaching

The FBZHL trains student assistants to support teachers in the use of digital resources. They can act as advising and accompanying assistants to select digital teaching-learning processes suitable for your field of study and to develop them further together with your teaching staff. The University of Bayreuth provides funding for ten e-tutor positions per year.

Further Training and Service Offers 

The FBZHL has a wide variety of supply forms in relation to digital resources, which are carried out in cooperation with the IT service center depending on the content requirements.

  • Further training 
  • Exchange possibilities
  • Individual support
  • Additional information and learning materials online
  • more


Digital resources in teaching: Input and idea workshop. The meetings take place from 14-15 o'clock in the multimedia and video conference room (, NW II). Each meeting can be attended individually without prior registration.

Participating institutions and persons

  • Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Bayreuth (short: FBZHL: Central contact point for didactic concepts for the use of digital resources in teaching, individual support and further education)
  • IT Service Center: Multimedia technology and eLearning system (practical implementation of didactic concept)
  • Arbeitskreis IT in der Lehre: Präsidialkommission für Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie (Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann)
  • Vice President for Teaching & Learning (Prof. Dr. Martin Huber)
  • Representative of the President for higher education (Prof. Dr. Gabriela Paule)
  • Presidential Commission for Teaching and Studies
  • Student Parliament, Speaker Council for Science, International Affairs, Teaching and Studies
  • Staff department Equal Opportunities

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Dr.phil. Lisa David

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