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Certificate programme "Promoting teaching-learning processes with digital resources“ 

The certificate programme offers all instructor(s) at the University of Bayreuth the opportunity to take part in a structured and at the same time individually tailored continuing education programme. It includes phases in which the participants complete independent work that they can apply in their teaching.


After completion of the curriculum, the teachers designed, implemented and evaluated an individual teaching project with digital resources in a didactically meaningful way, as well as developing some skills in dealing with digital teaching-learning formats, methods and technologies.   


  • Participation in seminars on the use of digital resources in teaching
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of a teaching project
  • Self-study and informal competences
  • Evaluation of the own learning progress

In total, the curriculum comprises at least 60 work units.

Certificate structure

The certificate is an additional offer to the existing "Certificates of Academic Teaching of the Bavarian Universities" with 60, 120 or respectively 200 AE. A recognition of work units of the certificate "Promoting learning processes with digital resources" is partly possible.

Registration, Downloads and Links

Download the complete description of the curriculum here
Registration via the course "Zertifikatsprogramm Lehr-Lern-Prozesse fördern durch den Einsatz digitaler Ressourcen" on www.profilehreplus.de. Afterwards, you go to the corresponding course on the e-learning external platform, where you will find further explanations of the process and your tasks. The individual start of the certificate program is possible at any time

Former certificate participants report on their experiences with the certificate programme "Promoting teaching-learning processes with digital resources

The following short videos of former certificate participants give an insight into the certificate program. They talk about their personal experiences and the effects on their own teaching.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Paul Dölle

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