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Bayreuth University Prize for digitally supported teaching

This specific teaching award is designed to strengthen the promotion of teaching-learning processes with digital resources at UBT as desired by the students. The award honors teachers who are particularly committed to digitized teaching-learning processes and thus create new or expanded learning opportunities for students on a didactically sound basis. The foundation for the selection of applicants is based on our understanding of the use of digital resources in teaching.


For the selection of an award winner we are looking for teaching-learning scenarios in which digital resources are used didactically to support student learning processes. Together with the university management, the Center of Learning and Teaching in higher Education at the University of Bayreuth has developed an overall concept for the promotion of digital resources in teaching. In this context the "Bayreuth University Prize for digitally supported teaching" is awarded.


The university prize is endowed with 1000 euros. In addition, the prizewinner receives the financing of an e-tutor for one year (20 hours per month). The prize money and the e-tutor will be used for further digital teaching-learning projects.

Application and Announcement

First of all, we would like to inform you about the formalities of the application, the selection committee and the concept behind it. The specific announcement for lecturers at the University of Bayreuth is available as pdf. Download available. Next, apply with a brief description of your project by July 17, 2020, or invite others to apply. You can find the application form here. Fill out the document and send it by e-mail to fbzhl@uni-bayreuth.de. The selection of applications will be made by a six-member committee.  

Award ceremony

The University Prize is awarded at the annual President's Dinner by the Vice President for Teaching & Learning Prof. Dr. Martin Huber, the Vice-President for Information Technology and Entrepreneurship Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann and the Director of the Center of Learning and Teaching in higher Education PD Dr. Frank Meyer. . 

We would be pleased to support you in your application by consulting. Simply contact the team of the the Center of Learning and Teaching in higher Education. We look forward to receiving numerous submissions and wish you every success with your teaching!

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