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High-educational certificates

The certificates indicate your participation on a didactic training program.

At the University of Bayreuth you can acquire three certificate levels.

All certificates prove your participation in high-educational events and are a confirmation of your high-educational qualification.

Further subjects

Certificates Einklappen

You will receive work units (AE) for all services used by the FBZHL. This includes attendance at seminars, coaching, counselling interviews and hospitations. These are each assigned to the content focus (areas A to E).

Calculation of working units

For the participation in university didactic seminars, you will receive one work unit per 45 minutes. As a rule, this calculation key applies 

  • 2-day seminar - 16 AE
  • 1,5-day seminar – 12 AE
  • 1-day seminar – 8 AE
  • 0,5-day seminar – 4 AE

Download Confirmation

The confirmations are displayed on the seminar booking platform under "My ProfiLehrePlus" -> "Attended seminars" shortly after the seminar. There you can also download the confirmation of participation. 

​Certificate application Einklappen

You can apply your certificate by e-mail to fbzhl@uni-bayreuth.de 

Requirements for the application 

  • To obtain the "Certificate in Higher Education Teaching at Bavarian Universities - Basic Level" you need a total of 60 units (at least 12 units each from areas A and B, as well as at least 8 units each from areas C to E).

  • To obtain the "Certificate in Higher Education Teaching at Bavarian Universities - Advanced Level" you need a total of 120 units (at least 25 units each from areas A, B and C, and at least 10 units each from areas C and E).

  • Successful participation in the advanced level is a prerequisite for obtaining the "Certificate in Higher Education Teaching at Bavarian Universities - Advanced Level".

  • To obtain the "Certificate of Academic Teaching at Bararian Universities - Advanced Level (see above) is a condition. 

You can see your current status of the work units under "My ProfiLehrePlus" (after logging in). 

You can apply for the certificate in German (standard) and also in English. In the case of the English version, the seminar titles are also translated into English. Please indicate your language preference when you apply for the certificate.

Surrender of the certificates Einklappen

Certificates are usually officially handed over twice a year towards the end of the semester. This presentation takes place in a ceremonial setting, in which the representative for university teaching, Prof. Dr. Gabriela Paule, and the Vice President for Teaching and Students, Prof. Dr. Martin Huber, also take part. This will provide an opportunity for exchange and informal discussions. The handover will take about one hour.

The handover will be photographed and a group photo will be attached to a press release for the Bayreuth campus magazine "ubt aktuell".

After applying for the certificate, you will be informed about the further procedure by e-mail and invited to the handover.

​Recognition of working units form external (highter-educational) further education measuresEinklappen

You can include work units from other events you have attended in the certificate. Please note the following points:


  • The didactic reference of the event must be clearly evident.
  • The event must be assignable to one of our didactic areas.
  • The duration, institution and, if possible, the speaker must be proven – usually by a certificate of participation.
  • Please note that we only recognize continuing education courses, not academic achievements.
  • A maximum of half of the AE for the certificate may be earned from external services.
  • The event must not have taken place more than 6 years ago.


  • Please create a "manually created seminar" under "My ProfiLehrePlus" -> "Visited seminars". There you enter all required data (please make sure that you spell it correctly!).
  • Select "PD Dr. Frank Meyer" as "Responsible Coordinator". 
  • Upload the certificate of participation as .PDF or .JPG, please note the "Requirements" above. 
  • Click on the button "Request confirmation".
  • If you have difficulties with this, the tutorial here will help you. 
  • We will check your request and enter the work units accordingly. These can then be seen under "Seminars attended". 

With the recognition we orientate ourselves to the standards of the German Society for University Didactics (dghd).

Please contact us if you have any further questions. 

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Paul Dölle

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